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CityAge | Toronto ~ November 22 & 23, 2017

MaRS Discovery District, 101 College Street, Toronto, ON.


Event Summary

CityAge: Toronto
Build the Future
November 22 & 23, 2017

Multi-billion-dollar investments are on the near horizon that will benefit the Canadian economy and the country’s cities and citizens.

At the same time, transformative technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, and digital technologies are set to revolutionize urban life.

It’s an opportunity to truly build the future. The 7th edition of CityAge: Toronto — and 37th edition of CityAge internationally — will gather a high-powered national audience of leaders in business, government, research and design to look at the strategies, partnerships and investments that will bring immediate economic and social benefit to Canada and its growing cities.

For detailed information, or to input into the evolving program, please visit or contact Marc Andrew or Miro Cernetig. ( 778-835-0633 or 778-865-1557)

Speakers will be announced shortly.

North America’s Premier Conversation on The Business of City-Building

Greater Toronto is Canada’s largest metropolis, the fifth biggest in North America, and is growing at an accelerated rate. Some 4.5 million more people are projected to move to the GTA by 2041. To be ready, leaders in business, government, research and civil institutions must literally be building for that future now.

The seventh edition of CityAge: Toronto will focus on the potential of transformative technologies to prepare the GTA – and Canada’s other urban areas – for a future that offers opportunity to all of these citizens.

Leaders in business, government, research and society must work together to understand and embrace the opportunity of the revolutionary technologies and systems that exist today, or are on the near horizon, to help us manage and prosper through a period of growth and change.

Cities — which every day bring together business, government, research and educational institutions — are where most of this innovation is happening. And that is about to accelerate. A historic infusion of investment surpassing $100 billion is now underway to renew infrastructure and build world-leading superclusters surrounding Canada’s cities, universities and business centres.

New technologies that once seemed like science fiction — AI and thinking computers, augmented reality, smart systems that can run our institutions and businesses, robotics and 3-D printing, autonomous vehicles, the banking revolution powered by fintech, new sustainable energy systems and many more — are now here and ready for cities, businesses and citizens to use.

At CityAge: Toronto we’ll be bringing together leaders from business, government, research and society who will focus on building the practical partnerships and strategies that will shape the future.

You can find out more about the agenda, speakers and opportunities by going to or getting in touch with CityAge co-founders Marc Andrew ( 778-835-0633) or Miro Cernetig ( 778-865-1557.