Ronald Bogle: President & CEO, American Architectural Foundation

Ronald Bogle: President & CEO, American Architectural Foundation

ronaldIn 2002, Ron Bogle was named the seventh president/CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based American Architectural Foundation (AAF). With the appointment, Bogle brought to the position a career-long commitment to public service and his lifelong passion for community development, civic engagement, education, art and architecture.

Bogle continues to be an innovative leader. His professional interests include the impact of local community design choices and processes on community development, urban neighborhood revitalization, civic engagement, quality of life and governance systems in educational institutions and municipalities. Under his leadership, AAF has significantly expanded its program scope and impact.

At AAF, Bogle’s efforts are squarely focused on creating and sustaining programs to identify and advance best practices for the design of livable communities across the country. He also created and leads Great Schools by Design, a national AAF program that provides resources to local community and educational leaders engaged in K-12 school facility design and construction. In addition, he is the managing partner of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design, a renowned program co-sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, the US Conference of Mayors and AAF that provides innovative city planning and design resources to mayors across the country. In November 2004, Bogle was appointed by Secretary of State Colin Powell to the National Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In 2013 Bogle will launch AAF’s Center for Design and the City which will elevate the role of design at the intersection of public policy, technology and innovation when addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by metropolitan areas.

Bogle’s professional experience includes senior leadership appointments in higher education, business and non-profit fields. A native of Oklahoma City, he served nine years on the Oklahoma City Board of Education and several years as the Board’s President. While in Oklahoma, Bogle was a leader in two major initiatives resulting in over $1 billion in public-funded support to transform the commercial and cultural viability of the city’s urban center by replacing or restoring a wide range of civic and educational facilities.

Additionally, as part of a decade-long plan to strengthen urban neighborhoods and create a model urban school district, Bogle co-founded and helped lead a community-wide initiative resulting in $700 million taxpayer support to replace or renovate every public school facility in Oklahoma City. On a per pupil basis, the measure is believed to have been the largest public school financing initiative in the nation at that time. Former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys added, “Ron provided invaluable leadership behind the successful initiative to rebuild our entire school district, an endeavor rivaling any in the country for its innovation, scope and scale of inclusive support.”

Harold Adams, CEO Emeritus of the international architectural firm RTKL and former Chair of the AAF Board of Regents stated, “Ron’s judgment and experience as a visionary and civic leader behind one of the nation’s largest community revitalization initiatives contributes considerably to the AAF’s focus on using architecture to enhance community life. Ron’s experience and passions give him a decidedly distinctive grasp of our opportunities and challenges at the community level.”

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