Francisco Garcia, Chief Planner, City of Miami, FL

Francisco Garcia, Chief Planner, City of Miami, FL

franciscoA planner, urban designer and architect by training, Mr. García is responsible for leading designs for new communities as well as urban redevelopment and revitalization projects in America, Europe, Asia and the MENA region. In 20 years of professional experience he has held executive positions in both the public and private sectors.

Mr. García’s experience is broad in range encompassing, among others, management of a large municipal community planning department; urban design and zoning division inclusive of code compliance and enforcement.

In addition, and pertaining to master planning, urban policy and coding efforts, Mr. García is presently involved in, or has recently completed, the design of diverse master plans in green-field infill and gray-field conditions as well as for new towns and number of code calibrations for municipalities large and small.

Mr. García brings this experience and knowledge to effective leadership of design workshops and charrettes and is regularly called to lecture before government officials, developers, and citizen groups. He also effectively advocates and mediates in complex entitlement processes.

Mr. García has worked at the forefront of mixed use, community planning and code writing during his tenure in the field of urbanism where he is sought-out to work on complex or sensitive sites, including culturally-diverse or disenfranchised neighborhoods. Mr. García has led over thirty community design charrettes and participated in over sixty. He successfully engages stakeholders with a clear perception of both present reality and future potential, building consensus toward a shared vision.
Mr. García’s urban design and coding efforts have been published and have been honored most recently with a Charter Award from the Congress for the New Urbanism in the 2009 Denver conference; the APA National Award of Excellence for Best Practices in 2010 and most recently the 2015 Florida APA Award of Excellence for Best Plan awarded for the Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District.

Mr. García’s areas of concentration include: Urban and Suburban Revitalization, New Community Design, Public Involvement Processes including Design Workshops and Charrettes, Gray-field Redevelopment, Form-Based and Euclidean Codes, Sustainable Development and Design, Public-Private Partnerships and Entitlement Advocacy.