Ed Percy, Vice President, Global Health Lead, CGI

Ed Percy, Vice President, Global Health Lead, CGI

bioEd Percy is CGI’s Global Health Lead, based in Manchester, England, where he is responsible for healthcare strategy and business development across CGI’s operations.

Mr. Percy’s responsibilities include strategic portfolio management, developing value propositions, promoting CGI thought leadership in healthcare, and providing strategic bid support across CGI globally.

Prior to joining CGI, Mr. Percy held a global business development position for Orion Health, working specifically in the domain of healthcare interoperability and clinical workflow.

Mr. Percy has worked in the healthcare field for 12 years and has been instrumental in many critical eHealth projects around the globe. He has a deep understanding of the healthcare domain and its challenges, and is a respected thought leader in Europe and the Middle East. Known for his ability to project a vision to colleagues and customers alike, Mr. Percy has an extensive influence network around the globe.

His passions include helping clients use innovative technology to create healthier communities.

Mr. Percy is a regular presenter at conferences and was honored to serve on the eHealth Advisory Board for HE The Minister for Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He has a BEng Hons degree in Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, is an avid amateur scientist and speaks fluent French.