Dan Ringelstein, Leader, Urban Design & Planning Group, SOM

Dan Ringelstein, Leader, Urban Design & Planning Group, SOM

DanRingelsteinHeadshotA Commitment to Cities

Cities are the places where the strongest forces for change are at work and where there is the greatest need to address issues of liveability, function and growth. The physical environment can be designed, and economic and political forces can be influenced by the design process. As a result, design plays an essential role in the public interest to stimulate, guide and influence debate as well as public and private investment at all urban scales – from street to neighbourhood to city.

Dan Ringelstein brings a unique perspective to his many accomplishments in urban environments around the world. As an architect, urban designer and planner, he is interested in the physical characteristics of a place and how planning, urban design, infrastructure and architecture can create a positive public environment. This is evident in the strong role he has played in getting complex projects of significant magnitude planned, implemented and built around the world.

As the leader of SOM’s Urban Design & Planning Group in London, Dan directs projects which focus on the urban regeneration of our cities.

Following 4 years of experience in an architectural and urban design practice in France, Dan joined SOM in 1994. He was elected an Associate of SOM in 1997, in 1998 became Studio Head for Urban Design & Planning in Chicago and was named Associate Partner in 1999. In 2003, he joined SOM London to head Urban Design and Planning there and became a Director in 2005.