Chris Wagner, CEO, Contextual Genomics

Chris Wagner, CEO, Contextual Genomics

Chris Wagner Head ShotChris Wagner has more than 20 years of experience in commercialization and product development in the life sciences industry.

Mr. Wagner is the President & CEO of Contextual Genomics Inc., a next generation molecular diagnostics company. Contextual Genomics is developing a novel suite of genomics-based cancer tests to identify a patient’s personal genomic profile. This precision in cancer diagnosis allows healthcare professionals to more accurately determine the most effective treatment options for the patient.  Mr. Wagner also serves on the Board of the Canadian Gene Cure Foundation, and the Commercial Advisory Board for the Rick Hansen Institute and UBC’s Life Sciences Institute.

Mr. Wagner recently served as President and CEO of Sirius Genomics Inc. Sirius Genomics developed personalized medicines for critical care illness. In collaboration with government, business, universities, and risk capital, the company made multiple discoveries covered by thirteen patent families. Mr. Wagner saw the company through new strategy development, scientific discovery, non-dilutive and equity capital raising, the world’s largest sepsis genomics clinical trial, and the sale of the company.

Prior to Sirius Genomics, Mr. Wagner was with Aspreva Pharmaceuticals (now Vifor Pharma/Galenica Group) as an officer, founding member of the company’s executive committee, and as Vice President of Business Development & Global Marketing. Mr. Wagner was part of the four member team securing $76 million in venture capital and $113 million in public financings. During his five-year tenure at Aspreva the valuation of the company was increased from $3 million to over $1 billion.

Prior to Aspreva, Mr. Wagner was with Eli Lilly working in Europe, North America and Asia with positions based in Toronto, Indianapolis and Boston. He worked on the development and commercialization of 15 products including biologics and small molecules with annual sales ranging from tens of millions to over four billion dollars per year.