If you are using AI in your city, and you probably should be, are you sure it doesn’t have a bias you don’t know about? It may be time to call the Algorithm Police.

The New York City Council has introduced a bill to create a task force to address instances where algorithms – or “automated decision systems used by agencies” – may have harmed people unfairly. From Techcrunch, here are some of the questions the task would seek to answer:

“How can people know whether or not they or their circumstances are being assessed algorithmically, and how should they be informed as to that process? Does a given system disproportionately impact certain groups, such as the elderly, immigrants, the disabled, minorities, etc?
If so, what should be done on behalf of an a ected group?
How does a given system function, both in terms of its technical details and in how the city
applies it?
How should these systems and their training data be documented and archived?”

Check out the details of the bill here.