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Vancouver ~ October 30 & 31, 2017

Vancouver Convention Centre ~ West

Event Summary

Innovate Now Canada

To succeed in the future economy and build a more inclusive society, Canadians must embrace innovation. Yet despite our long history as a country that is a leader in ingenuity and innovation, Canada is falling behind its competitors. The World Economic Forum ranks Canada 26th for business innovation.

The Rideau Hall Foundation and CityAge invite you to change that fact at the Innovate Now Canada summit in Vancouver on October 30th & 31st. This special event will bring together the leaders and visionaries who understand we must create a national culture of innovation, to embrace the disruptive tools, new ideas, technologies and strategies available today to re-ignite Canada’s spirit of innovation.

Join us at the Vancouver Convention Centre to learn how you can inject a culture of innovation — encompassing not only innovations in science and technology, but also social innovation, innovation in business processes and in the public sector — that will lead to transformative benefits that will grow our economy and benefit society.

Innovate Now Canada — our future depends on it.

A lot of people talk about innovation — but don’t do it. Innovate Now Canada is going to change that!

The Innovate Now Canada summit is being held at the request of The Rideau Hall Foundation.

This special event will bring together 250 leaders from around Canada and elsewhere. The event’s mission is to foster a culture of innovation in Canada, helping leaders in businesses and institutions take the next steps to apply the transformative ideas, technologies and strategies that are essential to productivity, a growing economy and inclusive society.

Many innovation conferences take an abstract approach to this important topic. Innovate Now Canada will look at strategies to create a culture of innovation in business, government and institutions. We will delve into not only available innovations in science and technology, but also those that involve social innovation, innovation in business processes and the public sector.

The cross-disciplinary format of Innovate Now Canada will bring a practical approach to innovation strategies. The audience will assemble leaders in business, government, research, indigenous communities, education and non-profits in a summit format where they can easily meet and network, to foster the necessary culture of innovation and take immediate practical steps to apply transformative ideas, technologies and systems.

We’ll be discussing the opportunities of Canada’s multi-billion dollar initiatives in national superclusters and infrastructure, and how other investments and training tools, can be part of innovation strategies.

As Governor General David Johnston has stated, Canada itself is an innovation — with a history of using breakthroughs in transportation, telecommunications, constitutional government and inclusive social models — to make it one of the world’s great countries.

Innovate Now Canada will ensure we continue this national culture of innovation and ingenuity. The mission is to innovate now.

Speakers will be announced shortly.

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